problems of the wrist

Brian Lin
1 min readFeb 14, 2021


originally type(writer)ed up in december. this looks a lot better in single spaced typewriter font but ya know medium doesn’t let you do that.

tuesday, december 8th, 2020

henrico, virginia. 1°C

well. I really messed myself up.

my wrists.

divinity and baldurs gate gaming marathons. fun. not good though.

no actual breaks. no turkey. no dc, no chicago, no nyc for a week.

no rest.

constant work and writing.

going to sleep after 12:24. waking up by 7. (thanks mudae.)

at least typing here ain’t that bad.

by the end of this I hope I will have healed.

this being two weeks plus of no computer (we make an exception for zoom).

what do we do instead?

call people.


read books. watch youtube. go on walks and pick up trash.

run. put the pain back in your knees.

this merry monkey christmas beer is awful.

oh you also binge read so much manga.

watched so much youtube.

in bed.

on the couch.

holding your evenings up by wrist.

by light.

this will be my retreat into the woods.

and hey.

even if you can’t make the pain go away.

you can write about it later.



Brian Lin

Brian Lin is a writer, runner, and stray cat lover. A recent Duke grad in CS and English, he is a software engineer by day and a typewriter poet by night.